Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention

Rape is not a crime that anyone wants to believe can happen to them. However, it can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, or sex, and it can occur just as easily in a park or alleyway as it can in a car or dormitory room. The most common form of rape is date rape, and some researchers estimate that date rape accounts for 50-75% of all reported rapes in the United States.

Avoid becoming a rape victim

What Should You Do If You are Raped
Remember that the police can only arrest a criminal if they are made aware of the offense. If you are sexually assaulted, call the police immediately, and if available, call your local sexual assault crisis center. Don't change your clothes or take a bath or shower. All physical evidence, including seminal fluids, hair, blood types, and scrapings of flesh from the victim's nails can be used in court. The information most needed by police to help rape victims include the following:

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